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NFL Receiver Chris Henry dies


Cincinnatti Bengals Receiver Chris Henry died early this morning according to a report on TMZ. Henry died from injuries he received after falling out of a moving pickup truck. Police believe that Henry was involved in a “domestic situation” with his fiance Loleini Tonga, and jumped in the back of the truck in an attempt to stop her from leaving her parents home in NC. He was rushed to Carolina Medical Center and fought for his life on life support, but sadly passed away this morning. He was 26 and had 2 children with Loleini. TMZ reports he recently purchased a huge engagement ring for Loleini. Authorities are still investigating the incident.


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World AIDS Day: A personal story

Today is World Aids Day.   This day was created in 1988 to raise awareness about Hiv and AIDS around the world. Since AIDS was first recognized in 1981, it has led to the deaths of more than 25 million people. Currently 33.4 people live with AIDS worldwide. Last year, there were 2.7 million new cases of HIV. 430,000 were children under the age of 15.   Please remember to get tested, encourage your friends to get tested, and educate yourself.  Below is the personal story of Damaries Cruz. I saw this story on Necole Bitchie’s website, and was deeply moved.


I know how I was infected — it was by my fiancé at the time. I met him and I asked him if he was positive, if he ever tested, and he said, “Yes, I’m negative.” Then I started to have a lot of yeast infections for a whole year, vaginal infections. The doctor thought that I had cancer and he said, “Go and get tested for cancer. Do a biopsy, because I’m sure you have cancer. Do HIV just to rule it out.” The biopsy came back negative and the HIV test came back positive.

When I went home and I told my fiancé, he said, “I knew I was going to take someone with me. I never thought it was going to be you.” He knew all along that he had it!

What did you do?

I reacted to it. It didn’t hit me until later on. I still was going to marry him for a few reasons. For one thing, I didn’t think anyone was going to accept me with HIV. And I was in love with him and my heart doesn’t know how to hate someone.

But the week before the wedding I found him with someone else in bed. He passed it to her too.

You found out later from her?

No. I found out later on from someone else that she had it.

Did you break off the wedding when you saw them together?

Yes, I did. He passed away two years later.

He left a big trail behind him.

Yes, he kind of did.

What happened then? What a traumatic way to end a relationship!

It was really hard because that first year, I really struggled a lot. We were going to get married right away after we were diagnosed; then this happened. I was with my mother in her house, and she had to do everything for me because I said, “Well, I’m going to die in a year anyway.” She had to feed me because I was so depressed that my mind threw me in bed.

What happened is that someone from church passed around. They took me to a retreat and I felt that God healed my soul.

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you regarding discrimination?

I can tell you the first time I disclosed. I don’t know if this will be discrimination, but the first time I disclosed was two years after I was diagnosed. I was doing some things I was not supposed to do, because I was on the streets.

I remember this guy and we kissed. He pulled a gun to my head because he thought I gave him HIV through kissing. I really thought that moment that I was going to die of a bullet in my head. I had to calm him down, and we talked. What happened is that he had done some things in the past, and he was looking for someone to blame. He got petrified.

What would you advise somebody who was just diagnosed?

That’s really hard to do. When I was diagnosed as HIV positive, a person that was positive came into the room and I didn’t care what she was saying because it was not her, it was me. But I realized that there’s hope. There’s life after HIV. Your life doesn’t stop. For me, my life began. I stopped smoking, I stopped drinking, I changed my life around.

To read more of Damaries’ story and the stories of others like her, visit the body.

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