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Fresh Faces

Fresh Sounds: Introducing Mia Rey

Mia Rey is a hot new R&b/Pop Artist based out of Miami! Check out her song Get at Me. I LOVE this song. It’s dance track with a nice urban pop feel. To learn more about Mia and follow her rise to the top, follow her on twitter and facebook.

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Posted by    Date: Friday, March 25, 2011

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Fresh Faces: Exclusive interview with model Ashley Duvernay

When I spotted Ashley Duvernay’s portfolio online, I couldn’t wait to interview him. This newcomer’s photos are that of a seasoned professional..his exotic looks eye catching.  His ethnicity is a mix of  French, Puerto Rican, German and Black…he has brains too..he studied engineering in college! Ashley is a New York native , but has spent the last 6 years in Atlanta. A photographer flew him to Los Angeles to shoot some stuff for his portfolio, and the rest is history.  He loved the experience so much, he decided to stay.  He’s been in L.A since January 2010 and is signed to Photogenics Media . He is definitely on his way to the top!  Check out the interview and more PICS after the break!

Trin: How long have you been modeling and how did you get started?

Ashley: Modeling is something that always gravitated to me regardless of how much I tried ignoring the idea. Not to sound cocky, thats not what im getting at, its just that my mom always wanted it for my sister and I.. but it wasn’t until I was an “adult” that i thought of pursuing it as my future. I’ve modeled on and off and professionally since I was 19.

Trin: What do you like/dislike about the industry?

Ashley: I love the attention, the affection, being pampered and groomed. Its amusing to have to get into character and capture the look desired. What I dont like about is the titles. I hate saying “uh yea, im a model…”. I’d rather introduce myself as a writer, musician, or just Ashley.

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Posted by    Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Fresh Faces: Supermodel in the making Lisa Ramos


You might recognize Lisa Ramos…this NYC native was one of the 14 shorties cast on cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model. Lisa took the time out of her busy schedule to do a quick Q&A with Check out her gorgeous portfolio!  She’s definitely a model on the rise. To learn more about Lisa, follow her on twitter!

Trin: How long have you been modeling, and how did you get started?

LisaI’ve been modeling for about three years. I got started because my dance teacher saw some potential in me and got me started.

Trin: What do you like/dislike about the business?

Lisa: I pretty much love everything about “the biz”.  I think models should be more helpful to each other instead of trying to bring each other down! If you got it, you got it. Good things will happen for you.

Trin: What are your industry goals?

Lisa My goals are to book beauty, fashion and commercial campaigns and to get into acting!

Trin: What advice do you have for aspiring models?
Lisa: Just do what you want to do. As long as you try, you’ll get somewhere!

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Posted by    Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009

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